It is essential to remember everything important when packing for a ski trip.  However, you can make checklist after checklist and still forget something important.  Good thing that your destination has stores! Don't get too hung up if you forget your toothbrush or shampoo. In fact, some of the messier things we like to pick up when we get there anyway.  Shampoo and Conditioner are something that we all need but they can get squished in your packing and ruin your favorite alpaca beanie. If you don't own an alpaca beanie, what are you waiting for?  Take a look at our alpaca beanies here and our favorite is this one: Alpaca Reversible Charcoal Black Grey Beanies.

However, we will attempt to make a list of 14 things that you cannot forget when packing for this year's ski trip.

1- Medications

While you can pick up things you forget, your mediations may not be one of them.  Be sure that you have your medications packed and that you have enough to get you through your trip.  Some medications you cannot just pick up when you get there so this one is kind of an important one.

2- Glasses or contacts

While you may need to wear them to see at all, some just need them for far away or reading.  And, if you are flying down the slopes without them, this could be dangerous. These are yet another thing that cannot be purchased later, especially for seeing far away.


Our alpaca gloves are perfect for skiing as long as you are not hard on your gloves.  Some fall a lot and others use tow ropes that can shred just about anything but leather.  However, you can wear the alpaca gloves inside the protective pair to ensure your hands stand warm the entire day. 

4-  Long Underwear

Yes, you need to ensure that you have all your bases covered. It can get pretty cold there up in the mountains.  And, the colder temperatures need to be battled with proper clothing. 

5- Outerwear

Outerwear such as a good coat and snow pants, which come in all kinds of fashions.  Outerwear should be thick and warm and made for skiing. You don't want to go up into the mountains with a spring jacket.  Choose something appropriate.

6- Warm hat

We offer warm alpaca hats here.  They are definitely the right choice for skiing. They are lightweight and ultra warm.


Boots!  You will need snow boots for when you are not on the slopes and ski or snowboard boots for what you are on the slopes.  The snow boots should be practical and warm.  

8-Waterproof socks

Of course, we are biased here but we love our alpaca socks for skiing.  They are warm, lightweight and waterproof, which makes them the perfect choice.


Okay, this is not essential, but it's cool, right?  Don't forget your helmet cam.


Well, guess if you are going to take your GoPro, you should probably have a helmet to mount it too.  

11-Skis or Snowboard

Yes, this is important now isn't it?  If you use poles, be sure to include these.  And, if you are traveling by plane you will need the proper travel bag as well.  


This is another messy thing that should be put into a bag if you are going to pack it.  It can get out and ruin your clothing and sometimes it just makes sense to purchase when you get there.   Don't want to risk ruining your alpaca accessories.

13.  Sunglasses and/or googles

When you are on the slopes and the sun is out it can be blinding so be sure you pack both.

14.  You Wallet

Yes, this may sound obvious, but don't forget your wallet!