If it isn't obvious we love our Alpaca wool.  We love our alpaca wool so much that we make it into all kinds of clothing. This is because it is lightweight and durable and did we mention warm and waterproof.  Yes, we love our alpaca wool and we just know that you will too. That is why we are saying that 2020 will be the year of everything alpaca. Don't' be shy and jump and get your first alpaca product.  You will be impressed and maybe even surprised at how soft and comfortable it really is. It is had to describe over the internet but it is certainly a hit when we go out and take our products on the road. 

Yes, that is right, if you want to see us and our products in person, you need to go to one of our pop up shows.  These shows are all over the country but typically in the larger cities. To find where we will be in 2020 and help us make 2020 the year of everything alpaca, visit the pop-up show page on our website, here.  

Alpaca wool care

If you are looking to improve your socks, scarves, gloves, hats or just have a fuzzy friend, we have those too, stop and take a look around.  We offer all of these products at great low prices and they will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Keep in mind that there is a bit of special washing care that comes with our alpaca products.  They, like most wool, should be hand washed in cool water. You should use a mild soap that is made for wools to keep the nice texture of the fibers. And, have everything air dry. You can "fluff" it in the dryer on "fluff" to help get the stiffness from washing out. And, that's it.

In 2020 the year of everything alpaca we at Winterborn Alpaca believe that alpaca wool is some of the best materials out there.  It offers softness and warmth like nothing we have seen on the market. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin and offers a lightweight warmth that no other material can beat.  The softness of the alpaca wool is outstanding and something that simply cannot be described. 

Ancient Alpaca techniques 

When you shop with us, know that you are shopping with those that love alpacas wholeheartedly.  These are handcrafted garments that are made by a family Quechua master weavers that are found in Ecuador.  These techniques have been done for 1000's of generations and they are now available through our website. We believe in keeping this amazing talent alive and help offer their amazing products to you through our easy to order website.  If you should have any questions or concerns regarding the amazing alpaca products, including their care, we are happy to assist.

Alpaca is durable as long as it is cared for properly.  It will withstand a lifetime or even more, as we have seen in the museums of Peru where the late infants' blankets of kings and queens are on display.   If you are considering trying the alpaca garments we suggest this headband to start. It is black and goes with just about anything. The alpaca black headbands can be found here.