Do you have a scarf addiction?  Scarves are used for everything at the moment, not just for staying warm.  They are used as an accessory as well. Our alpaca scarves come in a variety of colors as well as patterns to fit the look that you are going for.  When you use a scarf as an accessory it is important to match it up and coordinate it with the look that you have. We have worked hard to come up with cute patterns as well as solid-colored alpaca scarves, take a look for yourself!  

About Alpacas

Alpacas are amazing animals that have been used for their fine wool for centuries in Peru.  They are herd animals that are very curious. Getting the wool of an alpaca doesn't hurt or harm them in any way, it is done by shearing, which is how we obtain wool from sheep as well.  Like sheep, they need to have this done in order to stay healthy. This is a great sustainable material that is super soft and luxurious. When you are looking for a gift an alpaca scarf or beanie make perfect gifts! And, as a bonus, you don't need to know the size of the person wearing it.  All scarves and beanies are one size fits all!

The people of Peru have been raising alpacas for centuries.  They are happy in their culture and the farm and techniques are handed down from generation to generation.  This amazing weaving ability has been going on since before AD. And, we get the privilege to carry these amazing products.  We have partnered with the people in Peru to offer you their artesian makes and help preserve this age-old method of making clothing.  There are even blankets in the museums from centuries ago that were made this way. So, if you are a scarf collector, this is a great material to collect them in, as they will last a lifetime. 

Scarf colors

 Artisan beauty that you just don't see anymore can be found in our scarves.  The natural colors are from the careful breeding that is done to get the colors of wool that we desire.  There used to be about 20 colors but with our careful breeding methods we have gotten it up to around 50 color options.  When we mix and match the different colored wools we get a different look.  

We are always adding to the product line and increasing what we have to offer as Winterborn Alpaca partners up with more of these artisans in the future.  We love the rich colors, softness, and warmth that alpaca wool provides. Take a look around at not only our alpaca scares but other accessories such as beanies, socks, headbands and more.  We love everything that is made from alpaca wool and are sure that you will too. It is a fiber that is nothing like anything else. That is why at one point in Peru it was more precious than gold or silver.