Alpaca headbands are warm, comfortable and oh so soft. Surprisingly Alpaca headbands actually work to keep your ears and head warm and they are stylish as well.  When you are looking for a headband for the winter you want something soft, warm, yet stylish to wear instead of a hat that messes with your hair. Getting to and from the office can be a bit of a cold adventure but once there you will need to maintain a level of professionalism, which would be hard with hat head.  That is why we have started up the line of alpaca headbands that give you the warmth without the hat head look.

Various colors of alpaca headbands

These alpaca headbands come in a variety of colors to choose from. Each headband hs a small button on them, this can be worn on top, side or bottom of the head, depending on preference.  Alpaca wool is so versatile, warm and so very soft. It is not like other wools out there and it doesn't contain lanolin, which is what bothers many people's skin when using wool. Alpaca wool is not absorbent, so there is less risk of bacterial growth within the garments themselves.  And, the wool is far softer than any other wool you will find.  

We fell in love when visiting Ecuador and seeing this ancient family carry on for generations the art of weaving alpaca wool into garments.  Our fascination was so fierce that we brought back the idea of helping these people by selling their goods worldwide. They don't have the technology where they live, but we do.  And, they have this unique ability to make alpaca wool into something that is simply amazing. These artists are a rare breed themselves and have a large herd of alpacas that they get their sustainable wool material from.  

Alpaca headbands make great gifts!

Looking for a unique gift that we surely please and you don't have to know their size?  Alpaca headbands that work make the perfect gift as they are soft, fun and useful. You don't have to know the size as one size fits all.  We not only offer alpaca headbands that work but we also have socks, scarves and other alpaca clothing to meet your needs. If you are interested in seeing our alpaca headbands click here and it will take you to all the various color options we have to choose from.   If the link doesn’t work for whatever reason you can always visit our main website and click on alpaca clothing and it is nested under there. 

We suggest a nice cream headband for those with dark hair, it looks sleek and very elegant.  Here is a link to the one that we suggest for women with darker hair:  Alpaca white headbands.

Take a look around the site, we offer all kinds of unique alpaca accessories for the winter that will keep you warm and dry.  The alpaca wool is naturally waterproof but also breathable, it contains some unique properties of its own. And, the softness is something that you just won't find with other natural materials.