As the weather begins to turn colder, you may be looking for the perfect winter accessory to help keep you cozy and snug this winter. There are many options out there for scarves, but the best available option is the alpaca wool scarf. With all the class and sophistication of cashmere, not to mention the softness, alpaca scarves are a economical and elegant choice. In addition to their reasonable price tag, alpaca scarves are incredible for many other reasons. Let us tell you why!

Why Alpaca?

1. It's Comfortable

Environmentally Friendly

Alpaca is camelid mammal, these handsome animals produce 10 pounds of wool per year. This is harvested by sheering the animals, which is painless for them. These animals can live in almost any climate and have a low environmental impact. So you can feel good knowing that you are supporting the production of environmentally friendly materials.


The wool produced by alpacas is straight and hollow, this makes the products created from it smooth, warm, and lightweight. This structure of the fibers helps to provide an incredibly soft and smooth texture. Many compare the texture to the feel cashmere. This smoothness makes these woolen alpaca scarves much more comfortable than other types of wool. It doesn't have the itchiness that many other types of wool are known for, but maintains all the warmth you expect from a woolen scar


Many people find conventional wool to be itchy and uncomfortable when worn against the skin. In fact, many refuse to wear wool for this very reason! This discomfort is usually due to a scratchy fiber structure and the presence of lanolin upon the fibers. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, making it naturally hypoallergenic. The structure of the fibers allows it to lay more smoothly and comfortably against the skin. These aspects of alpaca wool make it a much more comfortable wool, even enough for everyday wear.


Hollow fibers enable the wool created from them to hold small pockets of air. This might not sound like a good thing, but it actually means that body heat is able to be trapped and held in. This allows for intense warming ability while also allowing air flow for breath-ability and preventing overheating.


Another benefit of the hollow fiber is that alpaca wool is only 1/3 of the weight of other wool. This means that you can get the same strength, warmth, and length of fibers without excessive bulk. 

2. It's Durable

Alpaca wool is exceptionally durable. Many owners of alpaca products are able to utilize their products for decades! In addition to being a naturally occurring and renewable resource, alpaca wool has some additional benefits that make it long lasting as well.

Odor Resistant

The alpaca fibers have been shown to be odor resistant. What can be better than odor resistant fabrics? This means that you will not be required to wash the fabric as often. 

Stain Resistant

Stain resistant too? You bet! Alpaca wool is water resistant and stain resistant, this means that even small spills do not necessarily mean big clean up jobs. Which is great, because alpaca wool typically needs to be hand washed.

Shrink Resistant

Products made with alpaca fibers are known to keep their shape and resist shrinking over time. This allows them to stay in tip-top condition for many many years.

Flame Resistant

Unlike most other naturally occurring fibers, alpaca wool does not melt easily. This means it can actually keep you safer in the event of exposure to flames or high heat. 

Wrinkle Resistant

Smooth and hollow fibers help to create a flexible, slightly stretchy material that is extremely comfortable to wear. It also means that clothing items made from alpaca wool are less likely to wrinkle. This makes them excellent options for traveling and can even help them to hold up longer while being stored during warmer months.

3. It's Beautiful

The structure of the alpaca fibers makes these products lustrous, smooth, and colorful. All of these qualities help make for beautiful wool products.


Because the alpaca fibers are straight and hollow they are smooth and glossy looking. This sheen is similar to that of silk, but at a much more affordable price. 


Alpaca fibers come in 22 naturally occurring colors. These are beautiful, soft, and gorgeous. If dyes are acceptable to you, then alpaca fibers are excellent choices because they hold color so well. The vibrant color and smooth texture of this wool makes for incredibly beautiful Alpaca wool products.

If you are looking for the perfect winter scarf this year, you really can't find a higher quality product than a beautiful alpaca scarf.