Since you are already on our website, you just might want to check out the cutest stuff animals in the world, yes, we might be biased.  But, take a look in our alpaca stuffed animal category and see all the amazing talent we have here at Winderborn Alpaca. Take a moment to check them out and we are sure you won't be disappointed.  They are so soft and cuddly and just the cutest. These stuffed animals are so real that people actually think that we use real fur and are killing animals for production. We are happy to report that this is not the case but the use of our soft alpaca wool. These are perfect for baby gifts as they are hypoallergenic and water-resistant.  The wool of an alpaca is super soft yet very strong as well, perfect for kids. Take a look at our alpaca stuffed animals here.  

Alpaca wool stuffed animals

However, our alpaca stuffed animals don't just have to be for kids. They are great for adults as well as the elderly that like to "pet" their "animals".  They are the perfect pet as they don't eat, drink or make any messes! And, they are so soft and durable that they will last forever. If you have always wanted a pet but didn't want the mess, an alpaca stuffed animal is a great option.  Check out the cute Alpaca Highland Cow.

Alpaca wool has been around for thousands of years.  It started with the Incas, who domesticated them for their wool.  They once roamed wild in Ecuador but now there are only domesticated.  Our herd is carefully bred for the various color strands that we can get in the wool.  It once started to be 20 or so colors that have turned into 50 shades and growing. Keeping these various color strands alive is important to us and our clothing lines. 

That is why in the spring breeding months we are careful to breed certain animals.  We love all of our animals and are careful to breed only when it is safe. Everyone is well maintained and cared for.  We believe in nothing but top quality materials for all of our products. Alpaca wool is very hard to dye, unlike other materials, which is why breeding different colors are so important as well as maintaining those colors for generations to come.

Why Alpaca wool?

Why alpaca wool?  We believe that it is one of the finest fibers out there.  It carries the softness of cashmere but is warmer and lighter than merino.  Alpaca wool contains no rough fibers or lanolin. The alpaca wool is a filament that is similar to silk and not that of what we would think of like wool.  It is more like our hair that it is of sheep's wool. However, we still call it wool.

We hope that you will take the time to look around at our amazing alpaca wool stuffed animals.  We are working hard to grow this area of our shop. But, the clothing line is what was original to the people that started this back in Ecuador and what we carry the most.