Christmas Shopping Made Easy

When it comes to the Christmas season and buying gifts for people, it isn't always easy. We all know at least one person who's hard to buy for presents. Even for those that are relatively "easy" to get presents for (ie. children or close family or friends), you don't want to run the risk of getting them something that, while nice spirited, has little practical use in reality (I'm looking at you, candy gifters). 

As we are ultimately bypassing Thanksgiving and moving ever closer to Christmas and the holidays, already many "would be" perfect Christmas gifts are being snatched up by everyone else. 

Still, not all is lost! In this article, we'll break down why not only is getting alpaca for Christmas presentss a smart option this year but also one that will be used by them for many Christmases to come. 

Highly Comfortable

It cannot be overstated enough just how high the level of comfortability one is afforded when getting a gift made from alpaca. Gone are the days of only having to wear tight, itchy, and wholly uncomfortable hats, sweaters, and mittens made from sheep's wool. 

No matter what type of gift you get for a person, be it a hat, a pair of mittens, socks, a scarf, or even a toy, you know that it isn't going to be uncomfortable or unenjoyable for them.

This is due to alpaca wool fibers being incredibly soft yet durable. This means that clothing, blankets, or any other materials made with them will be both incredibly durable as well as incredibly delicate. Regardless of whether you spend this Christmas on the snowy slopes of Switzerland or the moderately chilly New York, getting something made from alpaca is certainly one of the more perfect Christmas gifts this season. 

Incredibly Hypoallergenic

As more time passes by, we are seeing an increasing number of people becoming allergic to numerous different things. From the more mild skin irritants (such as sheep's wool and cotton) to more extremes such as many food and insect allergens. There are some individuals that are "allergic to the world" as they have numerous allergic reactions to even the more mundane things in our environment. 

It's honestly enough to make you second guess most potential gifts you'd get a person. 

Luckily this is not the case for alpaca and gifts made from alpaca. Alpaca wool fibers are considered hypoallergenic, meaning that they will not elicit an allergic reaction from those that touch them. This is perfect for smaller children as well as those with high susceptibilities to most other types of materials. 

Lightweight & Soft

Finally, when it simply comes down to just having something that you wear, you want it to feel nice. While this also goes into the "comfortability" category, it is also about the everyday usage of the material. Cotton, for example, is regarded by many to be largely comfortable, especially when compared to materials like sheep's wool. That said, it isn't all that lightweight, nor is it particularly "soft". 

Turns out, alpaca materials win out in the category as well! 

As opposed to just being comfortable to wear (ie. stretchy and durable without irritating the skin) alpaca and items made from alpaca are also noted for being incredibly lightweight and soft. While there are other materials out there, such as cashmere, that are equally as soft or lightweight, very few are both. This is key for whenever you are out this Christmas season and want to feel as though you aren't trapped under what feels like a ton of clothing material in order to stay warm. 

In Conclusion

When it comes down to it -from their comfortability, to their hypoallergenic traits, to the fact that they are incredibly lightweight and very soft- alpaca is just the smarter decision for anyone looking to get a gift this Christmas season. Not only is it something you'll enjoy wearing out during the winter months, unlike most other pieces of Christmas clothes, but you'll also be able to wear it fashionably during the fall and even spring seasons as well! 

We started this article unsure about what to get a person this Christmas and the sad fact that many things have become quite hard to buy for presents when it comes to another person. If you get something made from Alpaca, you are giving them a present that is not only incredibly thoughtful and beautiful, but also something that they'll practically use for years to come.