Creating Outfits with Ease

When it comes to creating different winter outfits or setting yourself up for winter fashion, it can be more than a bit daunting. Especially if you're someone that isn't fully in on the different winter fashion dos and don'ts, you can end up not knowing what to wear or how to effectively pull it off. 

Well, luckily you've stumbled upon this article. Here, we're going to go over how you can take your winter fashion up to the next level and create an outfit worthy of the holiday season. 

1. Wear Scarves

It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, whether there's only a slight chill in the air or it's below freezing, you must keep this fact in mind. 

Scarves. Just. Work. 

They go with virtually any fall or winter outfit you could think of. They instantly give you a refined and distinguished look. They can keep your neck warm and protected if the weather is a bit cooler than you'd like. They come in such a large variety of colors, you they can accentuate anything else you're wearing. 

The list can honestly go on and on with just how useful scarves are to any outfit. If there's anything to take from this, it's that wearing a scarf immediately ups the overall quality of your appearance by a point. 

The best scarves to get are those made from alpaca. Alpaca scarves, unlike those made from cotton or sheep's wool, are both incredibly comfortable as well as very warm and breathable. They are water-resistant and incredibly durable, meaning they can resist the colder elements to a much greater degree than other scarves while still retaining their beauty and softness. 

If you want to learn about how to wear alpaca scarves, click the link here: HOW TO TIE A SCARF

2. Layer your Clothes & Color Coordinate

If you want to have an outfit that lets others know your winter fashion sense is on point, you're going to have to know how to layer your clothes and how to color coordinate. 

The good news is that both of these things are much simpler than most people believe. In fact, they're so simple, I'm literally holding them in the same category. 

While most people think that layering requires this complex setup, it's really not that complicated. The key really is to not seem redundant with your clothing. This basically means, don't wear a hat on top of a hat. 

If you have the option of wearing a heavier jacket rather than a sweater under a jacket or a jacket under a coat, choose to just wear the heavier jacket or coat and, instead have a nice shirt underneath. While you should always make sure you are properly warm (especially if your climate is particularly chilly), don't overdo it. 

The same goes for color coordinating. All this means is that you don't have just any set of colors thrown together. While this certainly can have a bit more nuance compared to simply layering your clothes, the simplest method to get the job done is by simply keeping a largely consistent color through-line for your clothes. Make the majority of your primary colors a singular color while accenting it with a few other, complimentary colors. 

Example. If you want to wear a brownish colored outfit, add some dark greens or cream whites into the mix. This could be a white or dark green scarf or shirt while wearing a dark brown hat and jacket. 

3. Commit to a Style

Now, I admit, this is somewhat subjective based on the person, but it is important to have a style in mind when setting up your outfit, and to stick to it. This means that if you're going to wear a heavier coat, your outfit has to be shaped around the fact that you're wearing a heavier coat. That means (as mentioned in point #2) that you aren't wearing a jacket underneath your coat or a sweater underneath that jacket. 

If you have a style in mind, you have to commit to the style. As such, it's a good idea to make sure that all of your items are as warm and as comfortable as possible. A prime example of that is, as stated earlier, items made from alpaca wool fiber. These items are all incredibly warm while breathable as well as soft and lightweight. This means that they won't feel heavy or weighted on your body when compared to other materials like sheep's wool, animal furs, or cotton. They are very similar to cashmere in terms of softness while being closer to furs in relation to water resistance and overall warmth. 

If you asked me what would ultimately allow you the most freedom in what you could wear, I'd say it'd be alpaca clothing.