As you bundle up during the cold winter months, why not look fashionable while you're keeping warm. We know that you’ll be amazed at how soft and warm our scarves are, that's why below, we’ll share with you how to wear a scarf as well as some of the many ways to tie a scarf also. That way you’ll look fashionable while keeping warm during the fall and winter months. The best part of it all is that now only can you enjoy our warm and stylish scarves that are extremely soft to the touch, but you can also enjoy our matching alpaca beanies, mittens, gloves and alpaca socks that are just as warm and soft to the touch. We have everything you need to get prepared for the cold winter months. Whether you refer to them as scarfs or scarves, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them either way.

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With so many styles to choose from, you'll want to be sure to learn all of the different things that you can do with our winter and fall alpaca line. From how to wear scarf to how to tie scarf, we've got plenty of options that allow customers to be as versatile as they want to be.

Types of Scarves

Before diving into the different ways to tie a scarf, let’s first discuss the different types of scarves that are available to choose from. We offer scarves that are soft, light, eco-friendly and durable. They include a neck scarf,
a long scarf, a kids scarf, a men's scarf, or women's scarves.

Other scarves that we have available include the infinity, the blanket
and the square, all of which are made by hand and can be worn as a mens scarf or as a womens scarf. However, we are fully aware that the way certain scarves are tied are more so for women than they are for men. That's why we go into detail about not just how to tie scarves or how to wear scarves, but about the men scarf in particular and
how to wear a scarf men would find more suitable for them.

Ways to Tie a Scarf

One of the best things about learning how to tie a scarf is the versatility that it provides. Whether you plan to wear a neck scarf, a kids scarf, a mens scarf or a womens scarf, the tips below will help you discover the many different ways to look fashionable in one of our soft alpaca fleece scarfs.

Scarf Tying Techniques

Scarves are normally tossed around our necks to keep us warm, but now they are great ways to accessorize your outfit while keeping warm.

While tying a scarf in different ways provides a wide array of styles and appearances, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you often wear neck scarves, a long scarf, short, rectangular or square scarves, learning what to do with them is what gives you a sense of fashion and style. It’s all in how you tie the knots, the twists, and the loops.

The shorter scarfs are better for making neckties and common drapes. However, the longer ones are great for the more complex knots. The heavy scarves used during the winter are better for tossing and tucking. Some examples of how to tie a scarf include the following:

1. How to tie an infinity scarf - there are many different ways to learn how to tie an infinity scarf, but one of the most common ways is to place it behind your neck and allow the ends to drape across the shoulders. Take one end with one hand and then the other end by putting your hand through the loop while pulling the end back through the loop. Finally, pull it down to tighten.

2. How to tie a square scarf - simply fold it into a triangle then wrap it around your neck, being sure the points are located in the back. Afterward, take each of the points and bring them to the front, tying them over the V, then arrange them as you see fit.

3. How to tie a blanket scarf - If you are interested in learning about how to tie a blanket scarf you’re in good company. The blanket scarf is one that many are drawn to because of its large, oversized design. It’s very versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. Take the Classic knot, for example, it allows you to keep warmer than with many of the others. Just begin by holding it behind your neck. Make sure one side is longer than the other. Throw the longer side over the back of the shoulder, then pull it around the back of your neck and toss it forward, over the other shoulder. Pull it forward so that both points are draped over the front of your shoulder.

4. How to tie a men's scarf would enjoy - Learning how to tie a scarf men would consider wearing is relatively simple and is just as versatile as the others. The Persian knot is one of the more popular ways that men wear scarves. To get this look, simply fold it in half while holding the end with the loop in one hand and take the two loose ends with the other hand. Slide it over your head while wrapping it around your neck. Afterwards, slip the loose end of it through the loop then pull it through until it’s a secure knot. As with women’s scarves, it’s all in the way that men tie a scarf to get the look they desire.

Scarves for Men and Other Optional Scarfs

Another great idea is to simply try different knots with different types of scarves and see how they look with your outfit. Even if you’re wearing men's scarves, you’ll find that men's scarves are also great for accessorizing men's outfits.

How to Wear a Scarf

There are many different ways to wear a scarf that is pretty common, yet versatile enough for you to maintain your uniqueness. It’s the many different ways that you loop, twist, drape and tie a scarf that allows you to be versatile yet unique.

Some ways to wear a scarf include:

- the braid, where it is worn closely around the neck
- the cowl is worn loosely around the neck
- the classic loop
- the knitted necklace, and
-the shawl

There are different ways to wear a scarf. Thankfully we offer those that are made with some of the best fabrics available. We’re sure you’ll see the value in our scarves as much as we do. Our products are hand woven using the same techniques that have been perfected over the years.

How to Wrap a Scarf

Scarves can be wrapped in a variety of different ways depending on the shape and size. They can be loosely wrapped and thrown over the shoulder or wrapped tighter where the knot is tied more securely. It can be draped in the front with the loose half knot tied. When learning how to wrap a scarf, you'll notice that it is probably one of the easiest garments to wear.

In the following sections, we share even more ideas about how they can be worn.

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

Need ideas on how to wear an infinity scarf? You really can’t go wrong with this one. You can wear it as a double loop by wrapping it twice before putting it on. You can also wear it knotted by letting it hang in one single loop.

Need more ideas on how to wear an infinity scarf? You can also wear it twisted by doubling the loop around your neck then holding one loop in each of your hands and twisting each around the other. You can also wear them as neck scarves. These are just some ideas on how to wear an infinity scarf.

How to wear a blanket scarf

Since a blanket scarf is so large, it’s pretty easy to get ideas about how to wear a blanket scarf. You can wear it as a vest, with a dress, while wearing a belt, as a shawl or like a poncho. And you can even wear it over a coat or as a skirt.

How to Wear a Square Scarf

Square scarves are a great accessory to add to your wardrobe. It’s pretty simple to learn how to wear a square scarf. For starters, you can wear it around your neck with something as casual as a T-shirt or shorts, or you can wear it to dress up a business outfit or something that’s more dressy casual to wear out to dinner or lunch. Just fold it in half to create a triangle, then wrap it around your neck. Make sure that the point is in the downward position, followed by taking the knots and tying them together in the back.

How to wear a shawl

Since a shawl is so large, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to wear a shawl in a way that’s stylish. It’s often worn with a strapless dress, a regular dress or over a pants outfit. It can also be worn Indian style or across the shoulder.

Whether you refer to them as scarfs or scarves, hopefully, you’ve got some ideas about scarf tying, how to tie a scarf, ways to wear a scarf and how they can add style to your wardrobe. Whether they are scarves for women or scarves for men, you should have a better understanding of how to wear a scarf in a variety of different ways. In fact, now that you’ve learned how to tie scarves, it should be easier to learn how to wear scarves.

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