How To Wear a Beanie Without Looking Weird

When the cold weather hits there are limited options to keep your head warm, but a beanie could save you a lot of headaches. Literally. Come winter, everyone should have a beanie or two in their closet. The problem is that beanies could be tricky to wear. Choosing the right beanie for you is a matter of keeping a few simple things in mind. So keep reading our guide on how to wear a beanie without looking weird.

Type of Beanies

A beanie is a soft, typically knitted hat, designed to keep you nice and warm. There are, however, different types of beanies. There are short and long ones. Tight and loose ones. Whatever your style is there surely is a beanie for you.

Cuffless Beanies

The cuffless models are the most popular beanies you can find. They are available in all kinds of different colors, with and without patterns. Cuffless beanies are practical as you can wear them in their full length on your forehead or you could roll them once or twice to achieve the desired look. The choice is yours.

Cuffed Beanies

As the name suggests, cuffed beanies are very similar to the cuffless ones, with one major difference. They are already rolled once while keeping the same length as an unrolled cuffless model. Cuffed beanies are the ultimate hat for the cold winter weather as they provide more warmth for your ears and forehead. Most cuffed beanies come in block colors, though varieties are also available.

Fisherman Beanies

Fisherman beanies resemble the cuffed model. They are, however, a lot shorter and do not cover your ears. Because they cover only the very top of your head, fisherman beanies are not the best option for the cold winter days.

Slouch Beanies

Slouch beanies are larger and have extra material on the back. Slouch beanies could be a great fashion accessory but could easily turn from trendy to childish, so colors and style should be carefully matched with your outfit.

High-top Beanies

High-top beanies are made from a thicker knit, allowing them to remain vertical when you put them on. If you decide to go for such a model, make sure to wear it as high up as possible without letting it fall off. And be sure that the material is thick enough. Otherwise, the back could fall and might create a weird and sloppy look.

Bobble Beanies

If you are still wondering how to wear a beanie without looking weird, you might be curious about bobble beanies. While they are fun to look at, there is a reason bobble hats are most popular with children. They are a suitable accessory if you are willing to draw attention, as they come in a lot of different colors, both subtle and bright. You could also find them in a cuffed or cuffless variety but one accent remains constant – the pom-pom. If you are still willing to give them a try, choose one with subtle colors and combine it with a matching scarf.

Beanies are in no way limited to the models listed above. There are earflap beanies, visor beanies, baseball beanies, and many others. Nevertheless, there is a reason why some models are so popular. If you want to be trendy while being comfortable, stick to the classics and add a warm touch to your style.

Choosing the Right Beanie

If you want to know how to wear a beanie without looking weird all you have to do is read our tips below and look in the mirror. Are you more of a streetwear type? Is your hair long or short? Is your face round or long? There is a beanie that is just perfect for you.

According to your style

Smart. A beanie is hardly a formal accessory. This doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot add it to your smart-casual attire. Especially in the cold winter days. Or on a bad hair day. Go for a classic tight-fit beanie with a low or medium thickness. Create a single roll by turning the brim once or leaving it unfolded. If you decide to wear it without a cuff, the front of the hat should be lined just above your eyebrows.

To achieve a smart look stick to the basic, neutral colors – black, gray, blue, or brown. If you feel mischievous, you may want to try white or red as well. The important thing is to stick to a block color, although a secondary color accent is also acceptable. Stay away from any neon colors and rich color combinations.

For best results, combine your beanie with knitwear in matching colors, wool over-jacket, and black jeans.


Streetwear. If you are more of a streetwear type of person then the beanie is the perfect accessory to complete your style. After all, that’s where they fit best. Whether you decide to go for a tight or loose fit, it will go great with a warm jumper, bomber jacket or a hoodie, and comfortable jeans.


Choosing a neutral-colored beanie will allow you to match it easily with most of your winter wardrobe. However, when it comes to streetwear, you are free to choose any color you like, as long as you have something to combine it with. In the really cold days, add a scarf and mittens for a finished look.

 If you decide to go for a looser fit, wear it pulled to the back so it shows some of your hair. This would achieve a more relaxed, laid back look. Keep in mind, however, that a loose fit on the hat should be combined with a tight fit on the clothes to avoid a “baggy” look. Dressing too casual with a beanie may also make you look sloppy.

Hipster. If you prefer a more individual look and you are not bothered by the cold then beanies have something for you too. When going for a tighter fit you might want to try a double roll. This is also known as the classic fisherman’s look. By making the beanie shorter you will create a nice accent. The beanie will stay high up on your head and will reveal more of your hair. Although, you could still wear it forward to cover more of your head.


Another hipster look is the so-called “high-top”, which is gaining popularity in the last few years. To achieve it, select a beanie with a thick knit and wear it as high on top of your head as possible. Keep it vertical and let it rest above your ears.

According to your hair

A classic hairstyle fits perfectly with a classic beanie. If you have short hair you can never go wrong with a standard tight-fitted beanie. Thin hair also goes well with a thinner material. A loose fit, on the other hand, might look unbalanced, which might make you look, well, weird.


If you have curly hair you probably have a hard time restraining it. And you don’t have to. Try a loose fit and you will have enough space for your curls. For best effect don’t hide them under the beanie but let them show, even if you have a shorter hair cut.


In case you are a proud owner of a long hair, then a tight and thin beanie is just what you are looking for. Just keep in mind that your hair should steer clear of your face. Instead, set it neatly to the sides and on the back. Add a cuff and set the beanie a little higher to reveal your face.

According to your face

If you have a square or round face avoid rolling the brim to create an illusion for a longer face. Consider going for a looser model and pulling it to the back of your head to show your whole face. Unless the weather requires it, try not to pull it over your ears.

If you want to try something bolder, a bobble hat also goes well with round faces. Still, our advice is to stay away from anything too extravagant like neon colors or multiple pom-poms. After all, we are talking about how to wear a beanie without looking weird.

With a long face, on the other hand, you should go for a tight fit. Loose shapes will add additional height to your face and you might want to avoid this. For best results, turn the brim to create a cuff of two or three inches and let the beanie rest halfway down your ears.


At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of how to wear a beanie without looking weird. Eager to get yours? Consider going for a soft and durable alpaca beanie. It’s a great choice if you are looking for something to keep you warm and trendy without breaking the bank. Or if you just want to warm someone’s heart.