How to wear an alpaca shawl properly?  Did you know that you can wear a shawl in several different ways?  Of course, there is not any one way that is right, but there are several ways that look very nice and will keep you warm.  So, let's go over the ways to wear an alpaca shawl. 

Shawl idea No. 1

Align the shawl over your shoulders doubled up the longways.  Then take the top layer and tie in the back into a knot. With alpaca material, it can be quite thin so be sure to not tie it too tie that you have trouble getting the knot out.  Now pull down the back down and cover the knot. This allows you to wear a shawl over your shoulders without constantly fighting with it. It will stay on your shoulders and allow you to move about.

Shawl idea No. 2

This one is a pretty easy one. You will put your shawl over your shoulders, again not doubling it, but leaving it as is.  Using a safety pin you will grab the shawl at your wrists and pin to create "sleeves" this will allow you to move around with a shawl and not constantly be fighting with it. 

Shawl idea No. 3

For this one, you will not fold the shawl but will have it drape over your shoulders as one layer.  You will then take a belt and put it around your waist. This will allow the shawl to hang down as expected but keep it in place as well. You can adjust the shawl as needed to get the overall look that you want.  This allows your hands to move freely but not above your elbows so much.

Shawl Idea No. 4

The shawl will again be placed around the shoulders in one layer and let it fall.  Then pull the two edges together that are in the front and use 4-5 safety pins to close the shawl up.  Once pinned, put the pinned part on one shoulder, this will create a poncho-like look.  

Shawl Idea No. 5

For the next look, you will again put the shawl over your shoulders in a doubled-up fashion.  Then crisscross the shawl over the top of the other side. The top layer, you can drop the very top layer.  Add a pin to keep the shawl in place. This will allow you to be completely covered but your hands are free to move about and not hold onto the shawl all the time. 

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