Yes, it's true! If you're a parent and are worried that your child might not be a fan of the material based on their dislike of standard wool materials, then worry no more! In this article, we are going to go over why alpaca material is of the highest quality as well as why your kids will love it, either as a gift (check out the alpaca stuffed animals) or as an article of clothing, such as alpaca mittens or earmuffs.

Incredibly Lightweight

When it comes to alpaca, there is no finer wool fiber. In terms of softness, it easily surpasses standard sheep's wool, while rivaling that of cashmere. Not only that, but alpaca is considerably warmer and lighter than either sheep's wool or cashmere wool. This means you are getting the comfortability of the softest wool, all while keeping you incredibly warm while simultaneously feeling free-flowing and unrestrictive. Why is this important?

The reason I am bringing this up is that, if you've ever known kids, you know that they generally hate most wool sweaters, mittens, or scarves. Why? Because they universally fail at one or all of these aspects!

A wool sweater may be warm, but it is incredibly heavy and abrasive to the skin. This means you're effectively trapped in a tiny uncomfortable furnace. While cashmere may do better in terms of softness and comfortability, it makes a terrible insulator for heat. Not only that but, though not to the level of sheep's wool, it is surprisingly heavy on the body. Other types of fibers fail and falter in one or more of these categories as well.

Again, this means that if you want to get your kid something that they can wear outside without them catching a cold and being largely comfortable in, grabbing a pair of alpaca ear muffs may be just what the doctor ordered.


Because alpaca wool is a filament not too dissimilar to that of silk, it is incredibly resistant to water and moisture. While not entirely waterproof in and of itself, the wool's incredible wicking capabilities allow it to remove water and other moisture before it has a chance to be absorbed. This is a far cry from materials like cashmere, sheep's wool, or cotton. While some have varying degrees of water-resistance of their own, they require heavier and larger amounts of wool in place to keep the same level of protection. Not only that, but alpaca wool also has a special structure to it that allows it to help evaporate the water. This means that not only does it resist water much easier than other wools, but any water that it does hold onto will dry out faster as well.

Again, this is important because your kid is simply going to be less likely to catch a cold or get wet while outside during the cold and snowier months. This means they can play for longer without worrying about getting wet from snowball fights or making snowmen. It truly is the perfect wool to use.


Probably the most important of these points, getting a pair of alpaca socks or alpaca mittens is actually much better for both you and your kids for the simple fact that they are entirely hypoallergenic. This means that, unlike other materials, which can irritate the skin or lead to an allergic reaction by a person, alpaca wool will allow you and your child to go throughout life without suffering breakouts or allergic reactions.

How does this translate to being right for kids?

Well, more and more kids are showing signs of allergic reactions to various things. We all know the simple things like bee stings or pet dandruff. But now other allergens such as peanuts and gluten have entered the conversation as strong allergenic causes. And, as you would expect, many people are now beginning to develop allergic reactions to various types of wools as well

When you get an alpaca stuffed animal or an alpaca scarf or even a pair of alpaca mittens or socks, you know your child is safe from dealing with any potential reactions to their body in exchange for warmth or comfort. Instead, if you get alpaca wool, you're getting all three at once!