When you are looking for amazing gift ideas, Alpaca scarves are perfect. We offer the largest selection of woman's alpaca scares found on the internet today.  You don't have to know their size or even ask! Just remember what coat they wear often, or get something neutral in color to ensure that it will go with everything.  And, they are unisex so they will go with just about everything. Not into solid colors, there are even patterns and these are so soft to the touch. Take a look at our amazing selection of alpaca scarves that we have online today.   You can click on the link or you can find the category in the top menu under alpaca clothing.  

Many people love to wear scarves like they would any other jewelry component.  They are made of eco-friendly and use all-natural dying components that do not take away from the beautiful colors we have to offer.  These are some of the best scarves because of the alpaca characteristics and we are sure that you will just love them. Fall in love with our alpaca products as much as we do with an alpaca scarf purchase today.  Take a look at our beautiful grey green pattern scarf.  This one would look great for brown, black or even a gray and goes with so much.  

The history of the Alpaca

The fur of an alpaca produces a very soft yarn that was once reserved for only the kings and queens of the land.  It is a special material that is so soft to the touch but also lightweight. They started out as wild animals that were domesticated as far back as 4000 bc by the Inca.  Throughout the years the wild alpaca species died out, however, we still treasure our herd of domesticated and spoiled alpacas. Sure, this is a business that uses their wool for making amazing clothing designs. However, they are beautiful animals too and we completely respect that and care dearly for them.  

The alpaca fibers are so soft, they are softer than silk but have a strength that of steel.  This unusual fiber contains some unique properties that cannot be found in other materials. Not only is it super soft and strong but it wicks away moisture and is super warm and lightweight.  The fibers also don't absorb sweat, keeping them clean and stopping bacteria from growing.

This material doesn't dye well, which is why most of our products are all-natural.  The breeding process has helped bring the natural color strands from 22 colors to around more than 50 different colors, some are even a pink tone.  When the breeding season hits in the spring we take great care in how we breed to ensure we have a healthy outcome and get the color strands that we are looking for.  Our goal is to continue to offer the largest selection of alpaca scarves found online.

Most animals produce a chemical called Lanolin that has wool in which we use to make clothing.  However, alpacas do not. They do not have this chemical which makes many people have an allergic reaction.  Making alpaca products unique but yet still all-natural and chemical-free. Even the most sensitive skin doesn't have a reaction to the alpaca wool.