Alpaca wool products can last for decades! These products, which can be anything from rugs and insulation to beautiful clothing items, are known for their all-natural beauty and comfort. The fact that they are also durable is often an underrated benefit of these products.;

  • Alpaca Wool is Strong

Alpaca wool is stronger than lambswool - this may surprise you, but it's true! Alpaca wool has a tensile strength that is strong enough to use in machinery. That is a mouthful - basically, alpaca fibers have a tensile strength of 50 n/ktex, and the minimum requirement for materials used in machinery is 30. It is even noted in historical journals that the Andes that bridges were made from alpaca wool. 

Many believe it to be the strongest of all mammal's hair/fur. Alpaca fibers are 1/3 the weight of lambswool, but it is equally strong and warm. It is known for its resistance to wrinkling and shrinking. These aspects keep the fibers strong and long-lasting. 

  • Alpaca Wool and Resistance

Alpaca wool has been used for centuries, and over that time there have been some significant discoveries about it. 

  • Flame Resistant

Unlike many natural fibers, alpaca wool tends not to melt - this makes it a great choice for home insulation, bedding, and clothing. If it is unlikely to melt, that means it can actually cause less skin damage if you are burned while wearing it.

  • Water-Resistant

Alpaca wool is surprisingly water-resistant. In addition to withstanding getting wet, this quality also allows these fibers to be "wicking" materials. This means that it keeps your skin dry and causes water to evaporate quickly. This makes these products excellent to utilize in cold, wet, and warm weather.

  • Stain Resistant

This may seem redundant, but because the fibers are so water-resistant, they are difficult to stain. Now, they are not impervious to stain, they dye very well, but you can expect that your alpaca wool products to be extremely easy to clean and unlikely to stain due to spills. (Please note, most alpaca products must be hand washed in cold water, so they are simple to clean, but the process is more labor-intensive than simply throwing them into the wash.

  • Odor Resistant

This may be one of the best factors in the longevity of alpaca items. Because they are unlikely to pick up smells from wearing or from exposure to other environmental smells. This means it will likely not smell like mildew or smoke and makes it an excellent choice for outdoor wear.

  • Wrinkle-Resistant

Like most wools, wrinkle resistance is one of the many benefits of their products. This makes it a great choice for traveling and storing.

  • Shrink Resistant

Another great benefit for increasing the longevity and lasting quality of your alpaca product. Clothing in particular tends to maintain its shape well over time. 

  • Alpaca Wool is Beautiful

While typical lambs wool only occurs in 6 colors naturally, alpacas naturally occur in over 20! This makes many options available without dyes or added coloration methods. If dyes are not an issue for you, then there is an even greater variety of options available to you. The quality of alpaca fibers is easily dyed and maintain their colors well over time. This means your product will continue to look beautiful for many years.

Alpaca wool is often compared to silk in terms of sheen. This lustrous, shiny quality makes alpaca wool unique. This is partly due to the structure of the fibers. This structure also helps the products made with alpaca wool to be resistant to stains, odors, and mold. This keeps your products in top condition for a lot of time. 

  • Alpaca Wool is Comfortable

As we discussed before, the structure of the fibers makes alpaca wool incredibly soft. This soft and shiny aspect of alpaca makes it a stunning material to work with, to wear, or decorate with. Because alpaca wool is lighter weight than other available options, it is less bulky and more breathable than other wool options. 

The breathability and hollow structure of the fibers in alpaca wool also help you to maintain your body temperature regardless of the outside temperature. This means that in the winter you will be snug and warm, but in the summer you will not likely overheat. Quality alpaca fibers are moisture-wicking, this helps you to feel more comfortable while wearing them because they keep your skin dry and warm. 

Lacking lanolin has benefits - it makes alpaca wool material hypoallergenic. The structure of the wool makes products made from alpaca less irritating to the skin than lamb's wool. Its softness is often compared to cashmere. This makes these products ideal for anyone whose skin is typically bothered by wool or anyone with sensitive skin. Because alpaca has so many non-dyed color options, there are many choices for those allergic to dyes as well.