The Perfect Clothes for Winter

When choosing clothes for this holiday season, for many it can be incredibly difficult. Many winter items are excessively bulky and aren't nearly as comfortable, instead focusing primarily on warmth. In these instances, consider looking out for some clothing made from alpaca wool.

Alpaca gifts are highly exceptionally great as they are made from high-quality alpaca fiber and will last much longer than other types of material. When you buy alpaca-made hats, gloves, or scarves, you're giving someone an incredible gift in addition to the perfect item to stay warm. 

Alpaca Scarves

A great piece of clothing with a lot of use and versatility, alpaca scarves are incredibly fashionable items. While scarves in and of themselves are largely used during the winter months, alpaca scarves are softer, warmer, and more comfortable than standard wool scarves that are regularly used. They are also incredibly lightweight, allowing you to wear them for long periods of time without discomfort. 

These alpaca scarves are purchased directly from Northern Ecuador. There, a Quenchua family has been the primary provider over the past 10 years of the company. 

These scarves are hand-woven using generationally perfected techniques to produce the highest quality scarf. They are made from baby alpaca wool, the highest quality wool on an alpaca, and are made using undyed natural color yarn. This means that there are over 22 different color and color combinations available, perfect for any style or occasion. 

For those seeking a beautiful, yet functional scarf, it may be worth it to buy alpaca as opposed to any other material. 

Alpaca Socks

Perfect for those that are planning to ski or spend time out in snowier weather, alpaca socks are the ideal purchase. They work great for all individuals; from those that are difficult to get a gift for, to those that enjoy walking around in comfort, to those that enjoy the snowy outdoors, and do not want cold feet. 

Winterborn Alpaca has been making these socks for over 11 years with many people considering them as "the most comfortable socks in the world". They are softer than silk and varied in color. Alpaca socks breathe naturally, allowing your feet to stay drier and warmer in all wet and cold climates. 

In addition, alpaca socks are able to effectively insulate your feet, meaning that they will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Similarly, they also do not absorb sweat, meaning your feet will not suffer from bacterial issues such as Athlete's Foot or harsh smells. 

Shop for alpaca socks today. They go well with any other clothing set, be it a gift or otherwise. 

Alpaca Mittens & Gloves

Perfect to go with either a pair of socks or a scarf, getting a pair of alpaca mittens or gloves are ideal for any winter outfit. Both the gloves as well as the mittens are hand made from alpaca fabric and are naturally built to last. They are incredibly comfortable as well as lightweight. Many have even credited them as being "the warmest gloves in the world". And while that may not be completely true in all instances, what is true is that they are over 5 times warmer than that of gloves made from sheep's wool. 

When you buy alpaca gloves or alpaca mittens, you are getting some of the best materials for your hand possible. Their hollow fibers create an insulation for the gloves that allows them to weigh virtually nothing on your hands. They are available in a myriad of different sizes, shapes, and colors and can be made with our without finger covers based on your own wishes. 

Alpaca Beanie Hats

For many people, wearing head protection while in the winter is always forgotten about. We will often make sure that our bodies, hands, necks, and even feet are covered, but will so often fail to remember to get a quality hat to wear. Luckily you can get material for hats made with alpaca material as well. 

Alpaca beanies are well known for being incredibly warm and cozy while also waterproof and lightweight. Their material allows them to wick away moisture, ensuring that your head is dry no matter what the weather conditions are, be it a light snow dusting, or full-on snowfall. As such, while they are excellent for everyone, they are very much ideal for those that are interested in spending time on the snowy slopes for skiing or in an area that gets snow during the winter times. 

The beanies all come in a number of different and varied designs and are highly breathable. This means that they are just as functional in the summer climates as they are in the winter. Winterborn Alpaca's beanies are all chemical-free as well as dye-free, meaning they can be worn by anyone, even individuals with sensitive skin.