Timeless Quality of Alpaca

Alpaca wool is incredibly durable, beautiful, and comfortable. Clothing made from this material are truly an investment piece for any wardrobe. There are many items that are made out of alpaca fibers. These include everything from baby toys and rugs, to sweaters and scarves. These items can last for decades due to the formation of the fibers and many benefits they provide. 


Alpaca fibers are similar to hair in structure, this means that they are naturally smooth and glossy. This gives items created with alpaca wool a sheen that is similar to silk. This same structure also makes them incredibly soft. This soft and shiny aspect of alpaca makes it a stunning material to work with and to wear or decorate with. 

Alpacas naturally occur in many colors, over 20! This makes many options available without dyes or added coloration methods. If, dyes are not an issue for you, then there is an even greater variety of options available to you. The quality alpaca fibers are easily dyed and maintain their colors well over time.  


Despite being only 1/3 the weight of more traditional wool, alpaca maintains the same strength and flex of fibers. This makes alpaca products easy to wear. The formation of the fibers also makes them less likely to stretch or shrink and lose their shape. This allows products to last longer because they maintain their original design better than other materials. 

Because the fibers are also stain, odor, and flame resistant they have significant lasting power as well. These added benefits make alpaca products safe and long-lasting. While alpaca products must be hand washed, it is a huge benefit that they are difficult to soil to the point of requiring washing. They resist picking up discolorations, odors and are difficult to melt. These are particularly great qualities for children's toys, rugs, scarves, sweaters, hats, mittens, and socks. 


Quality alpaca fibers are moisture wicking, this helps you to feel more comfortable while wearing them because they keep the skin dry and warm. This is an especially wonderful benefit for socks and mittens in the winter. While alpaca is not considered water-proof (because it lacks lanolin) it is water resistant. 

Lacking lanolin has benefits - it makes this material hypoallergenic. The structure of the wool makes products made from alpaca less irritating to the skin than lamb's wool. It's softness is often compared to cashmere. This makes these products ideal for anyone whose skin is typically bothered by wool or anyone with sensitive skin. Because alpaca has so many non-dyed color options, there are many choices for those allergic to dyes as well.

As mentioned before, alpaca wool is lighter weight than other available options. This makes it less bulky and more breathable than other wool options. These qualities are excellent for items that you do not wish to be bulky: scarves, mittens, sweaters, socks, and sweaters.

Environmentally Friendly

Alpaca are similar to llamas and are sturdy, adaptable animals. They do not need an excessive amount of food and farmers can typically rotate their feeding grounds without issue. This makes their environmental impact relatively small. Alpacas often produce two to three times the amount of wool that cashmere goats produce, again making their impact minimal. 

Alpacas are typically sheared once per year, usually this occurs each spring. This process is painless for the animals, who typically live for 20 years and can produce around 200 pounds of high quality wool. 

In addition to being naturally occurring and low environmental impacting to produce, alpaca fibers are naturally biodegradable as well. This means you don't have to worry about landfills and the environmental impact of your clothing or household products when they can't be used anymore.

Regardless of the alpaca item you are considering, you can rely on the durability, comfort, and lasting beauty of the item. Whether its winter clothing to keep you cozy through the cold months, a statement item for your home, or an incredibly soft toy for a child - these items are created to last. Knowing that the materials are naturally occurring and of low environmental impact can set your mind at ease. Quality alpaca items are investments that you can rely on.