If you are looking for the perfect gift that doesn't require you to ask for a size, an alpaca beanie is a perfect solution.  Alpaca wool offers unique characteristics that are perfect for beany caps. The wool is very soft and has the strength of steel so extremely durable as well as warm.  It doesn't contain lanolin like other natural wools which can cause skin irritation. It is lightweight, waterproof and oh so cozy. Take a look at our alpaca beanies located under the alpaca clothing tab up top.  Or by simply clicking the link above.

Alpaca wool for beanies

Alpaca fibers are breathable but warm.  They are dye-free, chemical-free and great for people with sensitive skin.  The fiber wicks away moisture without absorbing it so the beanie naturally stays cleaner than some materials.    Our beanies are reversible as well. So, if you are not sure which color you think someone might like, you have a couple of options with our beenies.  We set out to make the very best feeling beenies on the market today. Many times beenies can get itchy after wearing for a bit. Or they can become a tight and heavy feeling.  But, our alpaca beanies offer none of that. They stay comfortable for hours and keep your head dry and warm.

Keeping your head warm

Lots of heat escapes from the head area.  This is why when hiking or out in the cold, you should always have a spare beanie on hand, just in case. Our fibers are waterproof, meaning that they are great in the rain as well.  They are so versatile that you can wear them winter or even in the summer. The unique wool of the alpaca is really remarkable. And, we would love for you to give it a try with one of our alpaca beanies.  Take a look around and you will find a fabulous selection of these beanies. One of our favorites and some of the best sellers is the alpaca black white beanies. This beanie is perfect as it is very neutral toned and goes with simply everything.  You can find this particular beanie on this page, click here.

Amazing alpaca wool fiber

Let our amazing alpaca products come to spoil you.  This amazing fiber has been around for centuries and was once only allowed to the kings and queens.  You can not enjoy this fabulous wool as they did with our amazing alpaca beanies from Winterborn Alpaca.  Give us a chance to show you what an amazing fiber this is and we are sure that you will not be going back to wool or other materials.  It is softer than silk but has amazing other properties that make it perfect for clothing of all types. Not only do we offer amazing alpaca beanies but so many more options such as alpaca scarves, mittens, and gloves, beanies, socks, stuffed animals and headbands. Be sure to check out the amazing selection that we have to offer here at Winterborn Alpaca.