Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic.  Unlike what you find in sheep wool, there isn't anything that will irritate the skin such as lanolin or coarse fibers.  It is super soft for kids and babies. However, it is hard to keep clean, as it will require to be hand-washed with cold water and wool-approved soap.  So, just keep that in mind. Babies love the feel of the alpaca fabric and will be drawn to it in a blanket or other form that they can rub on their little faces.  It is very warm as well as lightweight, which makes it perfect for babies and small children. 

Just be sure to take off the garment before the child is feeding to avoid soiling it.  We also offer cute little stuffed animals that make amazing baby gifts as well. Thee alpaca stuffed animals are not stuffed with alpaca but their fur on the outside is the wool of an alpaca.  Take a look at these guys and war sure you will fall in love with the alpaca stuffed animals as well.   We have all kind of fun animals to choose from such a Alpaca Chicken Stuffed Animal, Alpaca Lion Stuff Animals, and Alpaca Monkey Stuffed Animal.

Stuffed alpaca animals

Stuffed animals may be the perfect solution to having something amazing and alpaca but not having to worry so much about cleaning it or keeping it clean. Of course, a nice beanie for the baby or child would be a great option as well.  Currently, all of our beanies are made for adults. However, keep watching as we add to our product line up all the time.  

We love alpacas and only work with farms that are humane and love them too.  We have farms that have been around for centuries that we are partnered with to ensure that all the wool comes from well cared for animals.  These animals are in Peru, where there are the largest herds of alpacas. Each animal is sheared once a year as we do with sheep. They are not injured in any way, in fact, this helps them remain healthy, as their coats grow thick and cause skin issues as it gets longer.  Alpacas used to wild but they were domesticated long ago by the people of Peru. The long traditions of weaving and caring for these animals has been passed down from generation to generation.  

Alpaca products make great gifts

Our garments and products are all handcrafted by these artisans.  We believe they offer some of the finest quality available on the market today. If you are interested in having a piece of this rich history, take a look around at our shop, as we are sure to find something.  These make great gifts for just about anyone on your list. Alpaca products are luxurious and so warm and soft that just about everyone loves to receive them.   

If you are looking for a material that is perfect for all ages, alpaca fabric is just the one.  It has amazing properties that you simply will not find somewhere else.