A ski trip is so much fun.  There is nothing but you and the mountain while whirling down the slops. However, there are some things that you should always remember to take on a ski trip, besides the obvious that mom always questioned you had.  Going on a ski trip you can get a bit overwhelmed. You need to pack everything that you would pack for any vacation such as your clothing, shirts, pants, underwear, socks, and PJs but you will need more outwear and gear as well. 

Be sure that you pack a few days in advance and run over a typical day before leaving to ensure you have everything packed that you plan to take and are no missing something.  Things such as deodorant and toothpaste are simple things to pack but can cause a huge mess in your luggage if you are going by plane. It might make more sense to just purchase some when you get there to avoid the mess or put them in some sort of protective bag.  After all, you would not want your alpaca scarf to get ruined by your toothpaste going all over. If you don't have an alpaca scarf, we suggest you try something here.  We like Alpaca Grey / White Double Weave Scarf.

Unique ski alpaca accessories

We offer unique alpaca accessories that are perfect for the slopes and are super warm but lightweight at the same time.  We have beanies that would make a great skiing hat, which most don't think about. Our beanies are very stylish and lightweight but also warm and waterproof too.  Even though the materials are lightweight, they have an insulating factor that is 3-5 times that of wool, without the itch. Wool products have lanolin in them, which is something that many people have an allergy to.  Their wool also has course spots in them that can also cause itch. The wool of an alpaca is more like cashmere but comes from much more humane farms.

Taking alpaca accessories on the slopes

When packing for a ski trip you need to have nice outer gear that will protect you from the elements.  It shouldn't absorb water, as wet clothing can lead to cold clothing. And, should wick away any sweat but not absorb it, or it too will get wet in time and could become very cold. You will need ski gear as well.  These are the boots, bindings and/or skis or snowboard. If you are a skier and prefer to use poles, you will need to pack those as well. 

They have ski bags that are approved for airport travel should that be the way you plan to go.  But, if you are driving you might need a ski rack for the car. And, take a couple of hats, gloves, and scarves, in case they get wet or lost you have a backup.  Depending on where you are going to stay and how you are traveling, you may want to bring food and cooler as well.