The Carlsin Family

Perhaps our most treasured and unique products are our unique line of handmade teddy bears and the unique Menagerie of adorable stuffed animals produced by Robert and his family on the outskirts of Lima. With incredible creativity and impeccable craftsmanship, over the years we have worked together with his family to create an amazing collection of beautiful stuffed toys for children and adults alike many of which you will find nowhere else. When we opened a Christmas Market in Edinburgh Scotland we knew that we would have to have a highland cow and we left it up to Robert to make this unique and fun-filled Design.  We are certain that we're the only company in the world that sells an alpaca highland cow and we can also lay claim to the world's first alpaca Orca, the chicken, bunny rabbit, the alpaca sheep, furry monkey, and many more. What animal would you like to see added to our collection, let us know in the comments below!