The Womens' Cooperative - Lima, Peru

As our business and our catalog grew so also did our search for Quality ethical and sustainable producers throughout South America, and early in this search, we were blessed to find Nancy and her cooperative in Lima, Peru.

By working primarily with single mothers, Nancy's foundation helps provide a vital source of income and stability to families who need it most, while at the same time preserving traditions and techniques that might otherwise be lost in an increasingly manufactured world. 

Nancy has always been willing to experiment with us and over the years has helped us to develop new blends of yarn never before used such as alpaca and bamboo (Pakaboo) which we featured in our products for many years. 

She is also creative in her use of organic elements such as Tawa which is also known as vegetable ivory, a very hard seed that can be carved and Polished to a burnished shine and makes beautiful buttons for some of our shawls. They also use handmade coconut buttons carved and Polished from coconut husks to create the beautiful and unique buttons that adorn our mittens. 

Always dedicated to quality and beautifully unique designs every year we have worked together to create new products that we know you'll love; our reversible beanies have always been a hit and this year we look forward to showing you beautiful headbands which help you keep your hairstyle intact but also keep your ears warm on those cold winter days.