We originated in Ecuador

More than 15 years ago a chance encounter between a Canadian traveler in search of Adventure and an indigenous Weaver in one of the largest markets in the world in a small town in northern Ecuador spark the connection that has grown into a business that now spans more than 10 countries and employs as many as 100 people. "I can still remember the first time I walked into fabian's house - the house had a hardened dirt floor and there were guinea pigs wandering around inside.  All around the walls were spools of yarn in different colors and then the center of the room hung a large warping wheel, and there were two looms on either side. Members of his family were busy weaving and spinning and hanging and brushing out alpaca scarves and I knew then that this was something special something the world deserved to know." Fabian and his family are Quechua people which is a culture that is long crowded itself in their handcrafting skills, needlepoint, knitting weaving, textiles, wood carving, and much more. To walk through a Quechua market is to be exposed to an explosion of color and textures and one has the distinct feeling that they are witnessing the combination of generations of practice and dedicated work. Our families and our businesses have grown thanks to our conscientious customers and our ethical and sustainable business practices we have maintained a close personal friendship as well as an invaluable partnership throughout all these years - and we look forward to many more years to come.