Alpaca Stuffed Animals and alpaca plush animals are all hand made by Winterborn Alpaca. These plush animals come in very cute alpaca designs and are incredible soft and safe for children. Hypoallergenic and ready as a great kids gift! Our realistic alpaca stuffed animals are made by expert craftsmen. They are the ideal gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, kid, or even for yourself. These stuffed animals are so real we aren’t surprised when people ask us if any animals died during the manufacturing process. The fact is that these realistic stuffed animals are made from real alpaca fiber and fur. So, they are inherently soft, light, durable, and water resistant. These are the fluffiest stuffed toys you’ll find which are hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. Choose from our growing selection of stuffed animals, and we guarantee you’ll be back for more. No Risk Free Worldwide shipping & Returns !

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