Julio the Bear

Alpaca White Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal is made with real alpaca fabric is loved by kids.

Julio Fighiggins was renowned throughout the forest for his lustrous black hair and his rakish style, the life of every party, the envy of every bear. But it wasn’t enough - in his relentless pursuit of furry perfection, Julio conducted bizarre experiments in his cave, blasting his fur with gamma rays and dark matter in an attempt to produce an ever finer, ever more dazzling coat. An equipment malfunction, combined with a freak electrical storm transported him briefly to the 8th dimension, and he returned illuminated with secret wisdom and forbidden knowledge, his black coat now a radiant white. And he developed an insatiable taste for marshmallows.

Alpaca toys are very safe for children and hypoallergenic. 

This is easy to clean and very strong.